Full Length and One-Act Plays



Simin Behbahani is heading to Paris to read her poetry  when she is detained in the Tehran airport. Despite being 82 and almost blind, she is interrogated throughout the night. Will her principles prove to be stronger than her fears?

Was accepted into The Valdez  Theatre Conference, June 2020, rescheduled for 2021.

Was produced as part of Theatre Odyssey’s One Act Festival 2019, and awarded runner-up for best play.


Had a concert reading as part of Nevertheless, She Persisted at The Shattered Glass Project, Seattle 2019


Was produced as part of The Downtown Urban Arts Festival  2019 at The Wild Project in NYC

Semi-finalist Warner International Playwrights Festival 2020

 Semi-finalist in  The Phoenix Theatre Festival of Short Plays 2018


Wendy, an admissions counselor at The Curtis Institute, is aggressively trying to recruit Rhonda, an African American piano student, when the ghost of Nina Simone barges in. She stirs up dark secrets, and fights for the vindication she failed to receive in life.

had a staged reading, as part of Itinerant Theatre Louisiana’s “Women Leading: New Play Series”, June 2019.

had a reading at the  Inge Theater Festival, May 2018.

had a workshop production as part of The Lock Festival at Polaris North (by invitation only) 2017.


It’s Hong Kong in the early 2000’s. Famed war correspondent Clare Hollingworth is visited by a local journalism student, Annie Wong. Despite her advanced age and  progressing senility, Clare fights to prove she is still the powerful reporter she always was. But is Annie really the naive protege we think she is? And  who really is in control?

Was scheduled to have a Reading at The Depot, Ct.  2020, rescheduled for February 21,  2021 on zoom

Long listed for performance project,  Phoebus Fire, Kent, UK, 2019

Had a staged reading Polaris North, 2020, (by invitation only)


It is India under the Raj. Kamala marries into the most powerful family in the country but is treated cruelly by her in-laws. She struggles to end the evil custom of Purdah. Will anyone follow her lead?

 A monologue from  Purdah will be published by Smith and Kraus for  the Best Women’s Monologues, 2021 Anthology.

Had a staged reading Polaris North, 2020, (by invitation only)


Dust, is a meditation on grief. Friends and family must quickly clear out the Soho loft of MELANIE, a singer who has just died of cancer. They must sort through her belongings, and confront their complex and difficult relationships to her and to each other.

Had a staged reading of an updated version at Polaris North,  2015. and a prior reading there in  2012.


BARNEY, an aging teacher , reluctantly agrees to take in RICK, an acquaintance from AA. He believes it is just for one night, but RICK proves to be the most obnoxious of house guests and makes no plans to leave. Their friend JENNA, a recovering drug addict, does her best to help get him out. Things don’t go quite as planned in this dark contemporary comedy.

Staged Reading at Polaris North, 2012.


Vulcanic Surrender, a celebration of the friendship between TIM, an aging drag queen and JEANINE, a nurse, set in a West Village piano bar on Halloween night 1993. TIM loves surface glamour but learns to confide his deep dark secret to the one true friend he has in New York.

Workshop Production at Theater for the New City, 1995. Had a staged reading of an updated version , 2015 at Polaris North.


Delhi Duo, a cantankerous old ex-hippie who has cancer, is forced to share a room, and even a bed, with a pot-smoking boy-crazy generation x-er in India.

Workshop Production at Theater for the New City, 1995.



Rita is driven to discover the mysteries of the nervous system and won’t let anyone stop her. Not the sexism of her father, Mussolini’s fascists, or the Nazis who occupy Italy. Through these obstacles, she develops a single minded determination to succeed. Will she ever get the recognition she so desperately desires?


A fantasy of the interview between Peter Ustinov and Indira Gandhi where he attempts to unravel her fall from grace and she desperately tries to establish her legacy amidst ever present death threats.


A satire about a relationship between a new age fanatic and her coke dealing boyfriend, set in the 1980’s in NY.

Workshop Production at Theater for the New City, 1990


A comedy/drama based on the backstage life of strippers in Boston’s combat zone in the 1980’s. It follows the journey of RACHEL, a naïve middle class aspiring dancer, as she struggles to earn a living amongst some very tough characters, including a sleazy theatrical agent, a transgender stripper, and some very hardened street women . Despite experiencing personal tragedy, alienation and humiliation, she learns to develop self-confidence and find her place in the world.

Workshop Production at Theater for the New City, 1988

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