J.Lois Diamond


Performing my monologue, “My Infinity Mask” on youtube, 2020

J.Lois Diamond with Eve Sorel in Tit for TSA-T

DSC_0074 DSC_0189 DSC_0190 DSC_0201 DSC_0210 DSC_0219

J.Lois Diamond with John Beshaw- Farrell in On the TurnpikeDSC_0201

J.Lois Diamond with John Beshaw- Farrell in On the Turnpike

J.Lois Diamond

Theatre Production/NYC

Smith’s Car Sunshine                    Ruth Ann                 Gayther Myers Reading

On the Turnpike                             Denise                     Plays and Prestidigitation 5

Tit For TSA-T                                 Fifi                           Plays and Prestidigitation 3

Dust (Staged Reading)                  Debbie                    Polaris North

The Transfer Student                     Helen Robinson       LES Festival

Tit for TSA-T                                    Fifi                            LES Festival

High Colonic Mountain                     Tessie                      LES Festival

WTC Medical Moronic Program       Dr. No                      LES Festival

Memorial Day Carol                         The 3 Ghosts           LES Festival

White House Foreplay                      Laura                       LES Festival

Theatre/ Regional /Summer Stock

Deadwood  Dick                              Lily                            Encore Playhouse, Vermont

Dracula                                         Coffin Girl                   Encore Playhouse, Vermont

As You Like It                                Celia                          Royal Holloway College, UK


BA in theatre/psychology Queens College CUNY

HB studios/Bill Hickey

Dance at Alvin Ailey School, Graham School, Zena Rommet,  Anahid Sofian studios

Special Skills

Professional Belly Dancer, Yoga, Produced Playwright, Poet

Dialects:  Queens, British, French

Foreign languages: Some French

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