Short Plays

One Minute To Twenty Minutes


Sharon Jones, aged forty, desperately wants to have a singing career but record companies won’t give her a break despite her obvious talent. She is forced to deal with the tough realities of guarding prisoners at Rikers Island. But then, she gets a call.

Was selected as a finalist for the 2020 Downtown Urban Arts Festival, and was scheduled to be produced at The Signature Theatre , June 2020 (cancelled), now a finalist for 2021

Here I am talking about the play.

had a staged reading, as part of Itinerant Theatre Louisiana’s “Women Leading: New Play Series”, June  2019.

Was produced as part of The Lock Festival at Polaris North (by invitation only) Sept  2018.


Pria strives to find  peace after surviving a shooting at her Sikh temple, and struggles to forgive , despite having been the target of xenophobic hatred and violence. She can forgive, but at what cost?

Was produced as part of The International Human Rights Art Festival at The Wild Project, December 2019.

2019 International Human Rights Art Festival

Was included in  Code Red reading St. John’s Lutheran Church, Christopher St. NYC October  2019.

Was presented as  part of Code Red: A Gun Violence Protest Action, a benefit reading for Mom’s Demand Action- Minneapolis, Minnesota, March  2019 and as part of Code Red Playwrights #Faith, at Oregon Contemporary Theatre, Eugene, Oregon, April 2019, Mystic Vision Players Theatre Company, Linden NJ, reading 2020 (postponed)

Listen to her play Slicing An Onion read on Oregon NPR radio station KLCC as part of an interview with Rachael Carnes devoted to Code Red Playwrights.


It’s the 1970’s, suburbia. Adele desperately wants to get close to her teenage daughter Julie, but she’s rebellious, strong willed, and locked in the bathroom. Calamity ensues through the bathroom door in this inter generational comedy.

Had an online reading as part of Cosmic Orchid’s Behind Closed Doors program, 2020.


Laura’s marriage is going stale until some young strangers intrude, but will Harry be able to rise to the occasion? A pandemic love story.

Had an online reading at Polaris North,  2021.

FLUID (reading) Itinerant Theatre, Lake Charles, L.A. The Play’s the Thing:  “Life Inspired”  Series, 2020


This social satire takes place in a zoom session during the Covid nineteen pandemic. While the biggest challenge facing most participants is boredom, Person Four is desperately trying to survive in their tiny NY walk-up. A dark comedy.

semi-finalist for Alleyway Theatre Mazumdar Digital New Play Competition 2020

 finalist, online reading Fable Workshop Quaranscenes, UK 2021

MY INFINITY MASK, ( A Covid Monologue)

Abby desperately wants her neighbor to wear  a mask, but struggles to get through to her. When all the spiritual/ ethical arguments fail, she pulls out all the stops in order to win her over.

on youtube channel, Me and My Masks, 2020


Juliette  Hampton Morgan  struggles to overcome her own fears as she finds a way to  transcend the narrow restrictions of her family and  Alabama community  to become a major  Civil Rights Activist. Inspired by this real life heroine.

Workshop performance as part of The Voire Dire Project 1.5 in The Dream Up Festival, at Theater for The New City, September 7-16  2017

Workshop performance as part of The Voire Dire Project  2016, Cap  21 and Westbeth, NYC


Detective Rodney thinks it will be another run-of-the-mill case when he meets Betsey, who takes him to places he’d thought were long dead and buried. An aquatic crime comedy.

Was produced as part of Plays and Prestidigitation at Polaris North (by invitation only) July 2017


Joe has just returned from serving in Afghanistan, and looks forward to a romantic Indian dinner with his wife Diane. Two loud older ladies enter the restaurant and abruptly alter the mood. A black comedy which explores how strangers are often forced to deal with one another in the city.

was produced as part of The New Yorker’s One-Act Festival 2018

was produced as part of The Big Apple Theater Festival,  2017


Dr. Shmuck tries to inform his patient discreetly about some embarrassing lab results while aboard a New Jersey transit train . He is  unprepared for her reaction as well as the conductor’s rigid enforcement of train etiquette. An absurdist comedy which examines the boundaries of what is public and what is private.

was produced as part of Plays and Prestidigitation (by invitation only) at Polaris North March  2017.


When Missy steps into Lou’s cab, she is intent on freeing herself in the only way she can imagine. But Lou has other plans. A black comedy which explores the desperation which drives people in the current economy.


Tanya, a modern teen, enters into a mystical bond with the ghost of Hannah Reynolds, a slave and the only civilian casualty of the Battle of Appomattox.

Written for 365 Women A Year

Had a reading at the Winter 2017 Equity Library Theater Play Festival at the NYPL 53rd Street Branch on January 28th, 2017.

Had a reading as part of  HERSTORY NOPlays Festival of 365 Women a Year Project  at The Silk Road Art Gallery, New Haven, Ct. April 29-30, 2016.

Had a workshop production (by invitation only)  at Polaris North September  2015.


Nancy wants to finally rest in peace, but first she must  inspire a young woman to fight the sexism at NASA and enter the space field. She finds Erica, a sullen teenager in Reno, who has no interest in astronomy. Will she be able to pass the mantle on?


Donna’s in a hurry to drop off her stool sample before the lab closes, when first she runs into a love interest, and then gets hit by a bike. But she finds a way to put that sample to good use in this dark urban comedy.


Camille, a talented sculptor, wants nothing more than to be released from a psychiatric asylum. She struggles to break free despite the barbarity of French law and the cruelty of her family.


When Nancy first boards her plane, eager to prepare for her court case, her only distraction is Kevin, the needy passenger seated next to her, but she soon discovers that the plane is defective, the pilot’s drunk and the stewardess is a religious fanatic with little concern for the passengers on board. A wild farce that will have you reaching for your call button.

workshop production at Polaris North Lock Festival 2019 (by invitation only)

Staged reading as part of The Women’s Playwriting Festival,  Michigan,  2015.


In order to sort out his troubled life, REGGIE turns to SIRI (on his I-Phone), but she only compounds his problems and their bizarre relationship explodes. A mad romp.

Produced at the 9th annual Theatre InspiraTO Festival, Canada’s largest ten minute play festival, Toronto 2014.


It’s the 1970’2. Adele tries desperately to get her teenage daughter Julie out of the bathroom. Their complex relationship is played out across the locked door as panic ensues.


Roberta has recently fled the Apple Store, with acute vertigo as a result of the bright lights and video screens therein. Desperate to get relief from her symptoms, she arrives at Andrew’s acupuncture office. She is in for a rude awakening in this zany comedy as she discovers that Andrew is not quite the healer she had in mind.


Marcy drags her kid sister Nanette along on her shoplifting spree. Beneath the swagger is a vulnerable teenager. Will they be able to pull it off?


Two teenagers, Esther and Artie are hired to take care of a hamster but they are not quite up to the challenge. A wild and crazy black comedy.


Jerry and Denise are stuck on the New Jersey Turnpike during one of the worst Nor’easters on record. Their relationship is tested as they navigate this difficult terrain to often hilarious results

studio production, (by invitation only)  at Polaris North, 2014


A  monologue.  Peggy sits at the bar swilling Bourbon, as she fantasizes about her idol arriving and sweeping her off her feet, but will he even show up?


Marsha, a TSA agent at the Detroit Metro Airport thinks it is just another day screening passengers when the over sexed cult member Fifi arrives and takes her on a journey she’ll never forget. A zany comedy which asks the question, “Who is really in control?”

studio production, (by invitation only)  at Polaris North, 2013. staged readings, One-Acts and Snacks, Casa Beverly  February 2017  and The Lower East Side Festival, 2011.


Myra desperately wants to bring touch back into her marriage, but her husband Harry has covered their bed with stones. He invites her to get kinky, but her concern with propriety and fears of him getting hurt give her pause.


Yoko is being schooled on how to make a hard sell from her boss, Boris. He’s only too happy to show her how it’s all done but her grasp of the English language comes from a radically different source. A zany adventure in miscommunication.


Beulah desperately needs to hear that her husband loves and appreciates her despite their poverty, advanced age, and poor health. They’re resigned to life of drudgery until some “weary travelers” arrive and show them what they’re made of. A modern interpretation of the Greek myth of Baucis and Philomen


The Iranian singer, Marzieh agrees to an interview in order to paint herself in the best possible light but is taken off guard by some provocative questions about her politics.


Sam and Rita’s marriage is going stale when Rick and his fiance Elise show up to celebrate their engagement. The guests’ aberrant behavior pushes everything to the surface in this steamy romantic entanglement.


A satire. Danny expects it will be smooth sailing when he moves in with his Aunt Risa. They soon discover that neither of their lives will ever be the same!

staged reading The Lower East Side Festival, 2013.


Tony is very relieved to find a place to stay when he transfers to an out of state school. Then he arrives at the home of his hostess Helen, who gives him a lot to swallow in this wacky comedy.

staged reading The Lower East Side Festival, 2012


Tessie escapes to  a New Age center, desperate to relax by the lake and express herself in the class she’s taking. The people are nuts and she almost drowns, but discovers some inner resources along the way. A  satiric social commentary.

staged reading Lower East Side Festival, 2010


Joe, a first responder, is desperate to get relief from his World Trade Center related illnesses but finds his doctor to be a far cry from Marcus Welby. A satiric depiction of a government agency which is nothing short of  travesty.

staged reading, Lower East Side Festival,  2007.

An Interview with J. Lois Diamond

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