A monologue from my plays On the Road to Holeness and from Vulcanic Surrender are in this volume
A monologue from my play PURDAH is included in this anthology.
Talking about I FEEL GOOD! for the Downtown Urban Arts Festival
A Performance of Sorel on Me and My Masks YouTube Channel
A reading of MY INFINITY MASK on Me and My Masks Youtube Channel
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Interview with Natalie Osbourne
A write-up of the production of GROWL at Theatre Odyssey
My Dramatists Guild Profile
A great organization dedicated to telling women’s stories
Polaris North, My Artistic Home
An organization which promotes the work of women and TGNC theater artists in NYC
An organization devoted to advancing opportunities for women playwrights over 40
My Playwrights’ Center Profile
Honor Roll! Database of women+ playwrights over 40
I have a feature talking about the anthology   . She Persisted   in this magazine.

A monologue from my play CLARE is in this anthology.

The recording of my play A SIRI-OUS SITUATION performed by Radio Theatre Project